Founder: Cafe Coffee Day

Mr. V. G. Siddhartha is the Founder and Owner of Coffee Day Enterprises Limited

and served as its Chairman of the Board and Managing Director since January 17, 2015. He

founded Amalgamated Bean Co ee Trading Company Limited in 1992 and has successfully

grown it into the largest chain of co ee shops in India with 1,640 cafes, including outlets in

Prague, Vienna and Kuala Lumpur. He has also consolidated family holding of 400 acres of

co ee plantations to 12000 acres in India. Over the years, his enterprise has created more

than 24000 jobs directly and over 15000 jobs indirectly, spread over agriculture, retail,

logistics, technology etc.

Awarded as the ‘Entrepreneur of the year” in the year 2004 by the Economic Times

and “Nextgen Entrepreneur” by Forbes in 2011, he has displayed the dynamism to revitalize

an existing enterprise, and in the process, rede ned the rules of business and prepared the

enterprise for a whole new vector of growth.

He holds a Masters in Economics from Mangalore University.

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